Maureen Lazarus, a talented artist, has contributed to the art world with her many unique creations and ideas for over the past 20 years. Her ever-evolving and constantly transcending style continues to cross artistic boundaries by utilizing multiple mediums and dimensions in the work she presents. Maureen's well-rounded talents include working with traditional canvases, interior design, clothing design, and set & prop design. Her critically acclaimed "Sea Grape" series of artwork, for which she is well known in Cayman, has been featured in exhibits, online articles, and magazines. 

Born in Jamaica, as a young student in college, Maureen soon knew that art was her calling. The award-winning artist earned a teaching diploma from St. Joseph’s Teacher’s College in Kingston, Jamaica then spent four years studying at the Edna Manley School of Visual Arts. In her earlier work, she designed major commercial billboards in Jamaica, and is the first woman in history to design billboards in Jamaica. 

She currently resides in the Cayman Islands. As an active participant in the Cayman Islands community, Maureen has designed multiple costumes, sets and props for Cayman's annual Pirate Week Festival, which attracts many locals, as well as visitors from abroad. 

Her work has been quickly evolving as she is constantly inspired by the vibrancy of Mother Nature. Currently, she is making art with a conscience. Her new path has inspired her to experiment making her latest series with recycled paper. These paintings are made with layers and layers of old newspapers that are transformed into 3-dimensional works of art. 

Maureen continues to utilize her multi-faceted talents, as an artist by profession and by nature.